Hard Copy Bond Paper Ream

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Hard Copy Bond Paper Sub 20 Ream, 70 gsm

500 Sheets per Ream


  • Short (8 ½”x11”)
  • A4 (8 ¼” X 11 ¾”)
  • Long (8 ½”x 13”)

Hard Copy Sub-20

  • Bright White

Excellent print contrast for sharper text and graphics

  • Increased Productivity

99.99% paper jam free. A reduction in jams means an increase in production speed and fewer processing errors

  • Higher Stiffness

Ensures good runnability and lower post-printing curl effect, especially in high volume printing and copying

  • Smoother surface

Smoother surface means lower toner/ink consumption and reduced abrasiveness, resulting in less damage to printers and a longer lifetime of office equipment

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